The NET Collection


Fanfare is an anthology series that focuses on music and performing arts. The episodes come from many producers, and some aired as individual programs before airing on Fanfare.


  1. Welcome to the Fillmore East
  2. NET Opera: The Abduction of the Seraglio
  3. UN Day 1970
  4. Geogria Brown Sings Kurt Weil
  5. NET Presents Miss Peggy Lee
  6. Two by Martha Graham
  7. Swan Lake
  8. From the House of the Dead, broadcast on 1969-12-02 by NET- Produced through the facilities of NET Boston affiliate WGBH.
  9. San Francisco Rock: Go Ride the Music
  10. San Francisco Rock at the Family Dog
  11. Gertrude Stein: When You See This, Remember Me
  12. Hansel and Gretel, broadcast on 1970-12-27 by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, NET, and British Broadcasting Corporation.
  13. Happy New Yves
  14. Earl Scruggs: His Family and Friends, broadcast on 1971-01-10 by Amram Nowak Associates.
  15. Cash!
  16. And Now All the Way from Bakersfield California, Merle Haggard
  17. Orpheus Then and Now
  18. Shostakovich
  19. An Evening with the Vienna Philharmonic
  20. World of Nicolai Gedda
  21. Queen of Spades
  22. Mingus, broadcast on 1971-03-07 by Thomas Reichman.
  23. Melina Mecouri: I Was Born Greek, broadcast on 1970-03-10 by Allan King Associates.
  24. Quartet
  25. Cinderella
  26. Peter, Paul and Mary: The Song is Love
  27. Jazz at Tanglewood: Judy Collins and Don Ellis, broadcast on 1969-10-07 by WGBH.
  28. Eurovision Song Contest
  29. Arlo Guthrie
  30. Silverbird: The Birth of a Navajo Rock Group
  31. Alicia Alonso
  32. Music Now
  33. Birgit Cullberg
  34. The Dream
  35. Ambassadors of Dance, broadcast on 1971-06-06.
  36. episode title not known
  37. Gilbert Becaud
  38. Welcome to the Fillmore East (repeat of Episode 1)
  39. The March King: John Philip Sousa
  40. American Odyssey: Off to the Sea Again, broadcast in 1971.
  41. episode title not known
  42. American Odyssey: The Midnight Special, broadcast on 1971-07-25 by WTIF.
  43. episode title not known
  44. Leopold Stokowski, broadcast on 1970-04-28 by NET.
  45. Stokowski Rehearses, broadcast on 1971-08-15 by NET Division, Educational Broadcasting Corporation.
  46. San Francisco Rock at the Family Dog (repeat of Episode 10)
  47. episode title not known
  48. Jazz at Tanglewood: Moden Jazz Quartet, broadcast on 1969-07-08 by WGBH.
  49. episode title not known
  50. Well Tempered Listener
  51. Roberta Peters